Wednesday, June 27, 2012

DJ Pauly D at Exit - September 20th 2012


Thursday September 20th at Exit Nightclub, I'll be opening for MTV Star DJ Pauly D!

The show is 18+, bars will be open for those 21+. Static will be open that night too!

More info at

Friday, May 25, 2012

Sublime Mix - 16 Years Later


Sublime is probably my all time favorite group. Their sound was so unique mixing punk, ska, reggae, hip hop, and even some jazz into their records.  I grew up listening to 'Robbin' The Hood' and '40oz to Freedom'. When I was 10 Bradley Nowell passed away and I was so bummed. The lead singer of one of my favorite bands had died, and some of their best music was yet to be released.  I went pretty crazy with swapping and finding live recordings, bootlegs, b-sides, and rarities over the years.  16 years later I find myself with as deep of a collection of Sublime's music as ever and I want to share some of these tracks!

Please share the blog link for any Sublime fans you know, enjoy your holiday weekend!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

DJ Morse Code - Exit Nightclub - June 30th


On Saturday June 30th, DJ Morse Code will be flying in from California to come rock with us at Exit.  Morse is no stranger to rocking parties, having spun at some of the countries most famous venues and events. Really looking forward to this night it will be big!

Be sure to check out his sound cloud page for tons of really good mixes

Havana Brown Recap


Havana Brown came to rock with us this past Saturday. Havana is creating a lot of buzz world wide with her single "We Run The Night" and her high energy DJ sets. The crowd loved her and she did a really good job. I got a short video clip and some pics below.



Tuesday, May 15, 2012

DJ JD at Exit - July 28th

On July 28th, DJ JD will be heading to the burgh to rock out with us at Exit. Over the last 11 years Dj JD has solidified himself as New England's premier DJ, holding the hottest residencies and playing the most exclusive parties.  As the Music Director of Shrine, Scorpion Bar and High Rollers, located at Foxwoods Resort & Casino and the attached MGM Grand, Dj JD has proven his ability to consistently rock the crowd.  Although New England is home, Dj JD has traveled all over the country playing at clubs in San Diego, LA, Las Vegas, Louisville, Miami and NYC.


DJ Evil One at Exit - June 16th

Los Angeles native and country wide party rocker, DJ Evil One, will be making the trip across the country to rock with us on June 16th.  His accomplishments include a European Tour, spinning an NBA All-Star weekend event for league MVP Derrick Rose, a new single entitled "Black Friday" with producer extraordinaire DJ White Shadow, residencies in a variety of major cities & performing as the tour DJ for upcoming pop sensation Anjulie.


Thursday, May 10, 2012

Jump Smokers DJ Flipside - May 26 at Exit


On Saturday May 26th, DJ Flipside of the Jump Smokers is coming to Pittsburgh straight off his China tour to rock with us at Exit! I'll be supplying the opening set starting at 9pm. The Jump Smokers are some of the hottest producers in the remix game right now.  Here's one of their remixes, 14 million plays!!

Here's a video of DJ Flipside dropping a dope set for over 20,000 people!