Friday, May 25, 2012

Sublime Mix - 16 Years Later


Sublime is probably my all time favorite group. Their sound was so unique mixing punk, ska, reggae, hip hop, and even some jazz into their records.  I grew up listening to 'Robbin' The Hood' and '40oz to Freedom'. When I was 10 Bradley Nowell passed away and I was so bummed. The lead singer of one of my favorite bands had died, and some of their best music was yet to be released.  I went pretty crazy with swapping and finding live recordings, bootlegs, b-sides, and rarities over the years.  16 years later I find myself with as deep of a collection of Sublime's music as ever and I want to share some of these tracks!

Please share the blog link for any Sublime fans you know, enjoy your holiday weekend!


  1. Yo that was a great Sublime mix, man! Well done! Thanks for sharing!